Non violent communication in the workplace

Drupal Con puppets

In September 2015 I spoke at Drupal con, an open source web conference in Barcelona, about working with teams and with clients, utilising non violent communication and active listening in the tech industry.


Working in teams requires input from many people, not all people have the same ideas, needs and wants from a situation. Most teams spend more time together than they do at home with family and friends. This means that forging a great communicative relationship is key to allowing everyone to find their voice be able to speak their mind and also trust in others to be working towards the same goal.


Working with clients requires us to meet their expectations, often they cannot vocalise everything that they need and want and require a little more help from someone to help them to divulge what it is that they require. In Agile it is often seen that the backlog created at the beginning of the project is demoted throughout the project as the client didn’t really entirely understand what he or she wanted at the beginning of the project.

How many times have you created a feature for a client and it hasn’t quite been what the client has been expecting? This happens more in waterfall projects because the discussion element around a feature isn’t there, however it often happens in Agile too because an in-depth conversation with the client or a discovery hasn’t been completed to fully understand the clients wants) It is important initially to establish one thing…. What is your website, app, idea wanting to achieve? it is something that people miss out it is a really important question.


My speech aimed to help individuals delve deeper into the needs of their clients, teams and even family to help create a a trusting relationship where by the person you are communicating with sees you as an individual who is interested and supportive of their ideas. Enabling them to achieve more, create more and understand their own needs.