My Return

After a year away from my blog I have decided to return with a new message and some new ideas. Originally my blog focused on my work in the printing industry, about building workflows in a particularly specific software type. February 2014 brought about many life changes for me and with this a new chapter started. In early 2014 I was made redundant from the printing industry because lets face it, paper isn't cool these days. Printing is bad for the environment, it wastes paper, the internet is faster and when was the last time you opened a paper bank statement?

The printing industry is dominated by banking and as many other reasons for printing fade away the exciting design aspects and innovation that kept me around faded away. For many months I had been tinkering with Drupal, having built my previous site from scratch and themeing entirely myself I began to realise that web was where I wanted to be, and not just any web. I wanted to be involved in Open Source, collaborative, supportive and creative web. With this I moved industries, I have been working for Agile web development agencies ever since.

Needless to say this is the beginning of a very exciting adventure for me moving forward I am going to share with you my learning, ideas, thoughts and general musings to offer support, help and information to as many people as possible, little change make a big difference.