Open plan offices: Are they spoiling your talent?

Collaboration is key

Recently staff welfare has become more and more questioned within forward thinking businesses. In times gone by, the paradigm of robotic workers providing the greatest efficiency possible for their employer was a business favorite. Open plan offices were designed as a place to “collaborate” or allow clear vision of everyone's desks to confirm that individuals were working in the way middle management required.

The fall of photoshop by Agile design

Experience has shown most of us in the web industry, the dread that comes from trying to wrangle the front end of a website to meet design specifications dictated by Photoshop. Recently when in a meeting with a prospective client, they pushed us to show them some designs of their site, our protest of "this is a pitch, we have no idea at this juncture what you need let alone designs" saw us chased out the building in disgust.

My Return

After a year or so away from my blog Alice Richmond has returned with a new direction. This is my journey from waterfall to Agile and beyond.