User Research

Right tool for the job

There is a time and a place for each type of research, so combining qual and quant methods dependent on the use case provides a well rounded, oversight of user needs and behaviours.

Goals first

We first must identifying the goals to be met the assumptions held and the hypotheses to test before defining a script. This keeps the research focussed, reliable and repeatable. Each project will have its own nuances, needs and focus so it is imperitive to highlight the goals first.

Understand the "why?"

I help establish the why behind a feature and use this knowledge to voice the story of the user. Just knowing what process a user has is not enough. It is incredibly important to know why they are doing it and their intentions behind the activity. Understanding the why allows the creation of much more useful and innovative digital products, that fit seamlessly into the lives of users. Building trust, retention and usability through empathetic UX.